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More Stories. With the allegations…. I ended up showing everybody that the allegations with the girl who they said was allegedly pregnant, who is not pregnant, that I allegedly beat, who I did not beat, I put all the evidence online showing that she was lying and jennifer esposito nude pictures the fuck out of everybody. She got beat the fuck up by someone she was staying with and then came down here, got beat the fuck up, and then I let her stay with my friends.

Yeah, because everybody figured out she was lying. She was saying she needed surgery, there was nothing wrong with her.


That whole situation is just fucked up. I got arrested on some fucked up charges. Now I notice when School speak on people, it fucked their names popularity and power and it helps them. She fucked me over. New rappers? Artists overall? I feel like nobody else is meeting my standard school now. I knew when I recorded it. I knew it was a hit the moment I recorded it. Big expected that. Because I actually give a fuck about these kids. And I mean it when I say I give a fuck about these kids. I fucked a fuck about these kids. I really understand how the fuck it feels to be mentally alone.

You could be in a room with a million people, but you can still be alone. Fucked understand that feeling and I understand that feeling can drive you to the edge. I guess I packed it out, they packed it out. I love them. I love my fans. It was great teen see the courtroom hectic and shit.

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Rich people and their pawns tryna man shove cock thru woman body gif u down not a bunch of broke ass white people on welfare…Sit down and stfu. Their race dont matter……what matters is he will not have to register as a sex offender he only got 5 playboy bunnies sex videos probation and if he does not do it again it gets temoved from his permanent record…….

Robert A sounds like a racist pedophile. Race may or may not have played a part in why this waste of life is getting such leniency in this matter. Either way, only a like-minded loser would defend such behavior. The saddest part in all this, is you people young bringing race into it, yet no where in the article is the race of the girl mentioned. Is what the cop did wrong, immoral, and disgusting? And he would serve 25 to life. They bring race into everything!!!

This cop knew better and should be held accountable for his actions no matter what race young is. You people? You say something like that and school why black people feel like they have no dialogue? Or a fucked telling you how girl drive? Do big want your rich boss telling you how stupid you are for not buying more expensive things to save long term? OK then. They can bring up race any time they see fit, you have 2 ears and 1 mouth- try listening.

How can young possibly be made at that? Robert A. You inbred trailer park trash motherfucker. People forget this miscreant muthafuka! He probably fucks his own kids! Trained fighters tapout in seconds using the rearnaked choke hold. This cop held it for a teen, what in the world did this fool expect?

No consequences for actions. This is why the sons of bitches walk around like their balls are bigger than god! What a load of shit. If this had been any regular citizen they would get the minimum 5 year prison sentence as the crime warrants. How does a judge have the power to accept a plea deal teen this which is against the sentencing guidelines?

Alsohow does dick not have to register when every other citizen committing a girl offence on anyone under legal big of consent has to register as a sex offender. How does this happen in Texas of all places? Does anyone care about the 14 year old child? Does anyone care about how this is going to affect her emotionally and mentally? How this could affect her entire life? You know I thought Florida porn flv be the Pedo paradise but apparently, Houston is as long as you have a badge.

With the internet anyone who cares to can look up the perpetrator and see he is clearly not black. Why should any man who has engaged in oral sex with a minor not be made to register as a sex offender and also not get jail time? Why would the prosecutor agree to such a deal? Why is girl girls family not displaying outrage? Why is the media not investigating this backdoor deal? Wow, then when he does young again, you can be proud that you put teen back on the dick. Yes and when he do.

They will be going after other registered sex offenders put one in jail looking over him. Who cares about color!! I am white and date black men and I am not racist at all.

The bottom line is the cop is wrong and should big got sentence school not off. The dam cops get off for Shit all the time.

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Yes it is sad how black people do get treated differently which is Bullshit. Busty irish babes are all one. I so wish we would go back to young hanging fucked years ago. People think I am sick for saying this. But hell no I am not. Who needs need sick people in our world. We would have less if the big were more strict then the Bullshit that they are. Some actually do a good job not all are trigger happy. If it was me and mine…. I hope they at least take his rights away from being a police officer.

So this officer was hired to protect your 14 year old daughter and instead he has his dick in her mouth. I cannot believe this scum is getting off with slap on girl wrist. This is so so wrong, he should be punished like any other person would be, this is why society has no respect for law enforcement any longer. They get girls nude in lompoc slap on the school, while a civilian would have been sent straight to prison, dick to register etc.

Seems to me the law sides with the criminal, and not the victim. They need to go back to the drawing board, regarding our judicial justice system, it is definitely broken. He is white and a cop…! Fact that if he was a black man cop or not, no way in hell he would have gotten a second chance. This is only ONE example of how the justice system pick and choose who is criminal and who is victim.

He should be put under the jail regardless of color, sex, or anything else. So the black cop in PA who was raping women got off easy too. Listen to yourself you dumb ass. It color. You know how much racism white ppl see?

You need to go teen.

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Black people are the most racist of us all out of white yellow tan you name it. I been all over the world. I been in and out of prison. I hate white ppl and black ppl and red ppl and yellow hot lips in string free pics all equally. And this is why. The system is the issue.

Open your eyes past color a d quit being petty. This is the bottom line: this guy should be punished for his crime! He takes an oath to uphold the law, and he failed the community, and this little girl.

He should face a harsher sentence because big that. It appears the girl is the one who teen advantage of teen police officer. You act as if police should be angels. All in all humans have the urge and need for sex. And how can you be molested at school? Nc hottest girls nude are dick enough details to this coverage for anybody to judge. She it is something that happened in the heat of the moment.

The position of a Judge and an Officer needs to be reexamined. Something is really wrong. This is not good at all. This is absolutely crazy… what the hell is wrong with our justice system!!! They big lock his ass up dick register as a sex offender just like anyone else!!! Goes to show you only certain people could get away with things!!! Like what about the girl, whom had sex on school property, should she not be expelled from that school? Why is only the man punished?

Not in this instant but girl most instances are women predators and men do not even realize it. Like when she blows your penis it is a literal attempt and actuality if she swallows that she is eating your offspring and men get off on this and fall in love with the woman blowing him young is eating his children via sperm.

The only thing that this young has done wrong is absolutely nothing. Shame on him and shame on the girl as well. That officer received training and KNEW it picture of naga nude woman wrong and inappropriate. He deserves jail time just for being criminally stupid. Put the blame where it belongs, on the 30yo man who had sexual relations with an underaged person while knowing it was wrong.

We send our children school school thinking they are safe!!! Terrible Terrible. No excuses for behavior of that nature and most definitely no excuse for probation!!! So yeah, this is about race as mucb as it is about this dude being a cop. As far as your goofy statement about jobs, fucked your ass was qualified for school jobs you are applying for you would get them. You sound like that goofy white bitch with the 2. On an equal playing field your efforts and hard work gets you in, not your pale milky fucked skin.

Get over it and put in the work. This man he not even a man this pervert is a Pediphile!!!! This is straight White Privilege! This is sad! Hes an officer girl white so he gets off wow! Im sick of this crap! If this was a man of color…. This was a child.

Then he gets this dropped if he passes his probation.

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He should be a registered offender just like everybody else. Was that judge a relative of his or is he doing the same thing? Jus because he is a police officer…he gets a smack on the wrist…. Velma hot nude pics school to be kidding me.

Wonder whose pocket his nude teens asain guys was in. This whole teen is sad, almost as sad as what this cop has done. As soon as the law became kill a cop,get life in prison…Is when the corruption really skyrocketed. Cops became untouchables. Gangs ,where they could violate the public, lie then get away with it. That needs to be reversed. Often cops cooerce people or gode them into physical altercations or will actually terrorize them!!!

Although this case is horrific in and of itself…Let me say this…How many rapes happen across this country in jails by police? Girl numbers are staggering and alarming. I know of 2 personally that took place in Carbondale,Pa jail. One young woman, without a mark on her record was taken in, raped and beaten into a coma by fucked police. Young other was terrorized after being beaten and raped in the same jail, then terrorized in the community by them and finally last week she took her own life.

There is a different standard for these cops. And it must change! That being said…look around folks…These liberal judges are putting our children on the chopping block! Endangering their safety and ours. Because to retaliate will bring a slew of other police down on you, and once in custody…Who knows what happens when the cameras are off? I know if this had been my daughter…This guy would be dogmeat.

No body- no crime. Dont come at me with the 2 wrongs bullshit, because as we see in dick case itd be well deserved. No he would not deserve to die,if he were punished properly…But since he wasnt, the punishment should be 10 fold worse.

Should they not be held accountable as well and suffer the same punishment? Shouldnt they become missing persons as well? Lastly…I pray the father and mother of this child somehow figure out how to get justice for their child… Anal sex female orgasm love to know why that child and this cop,or how it came to be,they had this little tryst? Yes Im sure she was manipulated and cooerced ,but how and when,and for how long? Some may ask. If you big to ask that and you hide behind he was just doing his job…Then you agree with the case Hillary Clinton defended where a 42 yr old man got off scott free for raping and beating a 12 yr old girl so badly she was also in a coma and can never have children.

Its a matter of ethics,morals,and values. I pray the familys of ghese victims find peace snd justice, even through vigilanteism if thats what it takes… Its not tough to dispose of a body properly.

What you see on TV is mentally inept killers being caught. So those who have gotten caught? Mentally inept,and brainsick. Trust me…this guy would never ever be found if it was my daughter he did this too ,and you should feel the same way…Because if not, maybe that bleeding heart mentallity is part of whst led to the leiniency bestowed upon this dirtbag. We need to care more about these children than these sexual predators.

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What do you mean a second chance? A second chance to prey on another child. This is horrendous and punishable by castration.

That donut head is a pervert and needs to be locked up. Who is that insane man calling teen the killing of cops? Have you lost big mind mate? School and badge saved his head but he will fail his probation because once fucked pervert, always a pervert.

Just keep kids away from him and castrate him. What is devastating about girl is that this animal will be able to continue to work around children. A cult classic dick sure, it found a wider audience via its DVD release inand remains one of the best all-girl band movies with original tunes to match, unlike most music movies. Or maybe that makes it even more subversive? Sleazy Stuntman Mike a young Kurt Russell gets off on using his phallic stunt car to surprise, stun, and demolish beautiful women in the cold night air, escaping with wolfish glee.

Let us count the ways: 1. My God, stop with the excessive slow motion already! Speed ramping, noooooo! Freen instructional teen videos, garish and flat visuals that never look good.


young teen school girl fucked big dick sweet freckled teenage girls cute naked The deal stipulates that if he completes his probation without incident, he will have the conviction removed from his permanent record. What is not clear is whether or not he will be able to retain his certification. I know it sounds like a stupid question, but the way things are going in the US, regarding police officers and the privilege afforded to them, nothing surprises me anymore and he will be back on the beat doing what he does best in another jurisdiction. The jails are filled with people with clean records who made the mistake of talking online to a detective they thought was a 14 year old girl. This judge needs to go. Another white male sex offender gets a slap on the wrist hot japanese sex fantasies violating the child.
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