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To conclude, Bollywood is proliferating itself all over the globe. Undoubtedly those songs and catch names of the movies attract the attention of viewers all over the world. But this time we bring you 15 top double meaning dialogues that will make you laugh for sure. And it was the double meaning speech that titillates us the most.

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And we can never get bore no matter how many times we watch it. Dirty picture introduced a new version of Vidya Balan and also a new version of funny dialogues. Going through the dialogues you have seen the naughty side of Bollywood.

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Please share your views and reviews in the comment section. Write your comment here. Home News Latest. How can the Kanti Shah classic dialogues be in the list? The entire film is choc-a-bloc with such purple prose. Here's one more from Gunda. Hindi Lambu Atta to define gender roles in un-lady-oriented dirty such as this.

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What a line! The screen came alive when Faizal Nawazuddin Siddiqui said these words to his beloved Mohsina in this Anurag Kashyap saga. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh off to Tirupati dialogues of first wedding dirty. See pics. Ananya Panday and Shanaya Kapoor step out for movie date with Chunky. Shahid Kapoor sweats it out on cricket field as he preps for Jersey.

Masti Such word play, much wow. Namastey London O. hindi

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Home Categories Adult Dialogues. Adult Dialogues Dirty 1 of Pichwade mein itni goli maroonga I hindi shoot so many bullets in his ass Agar nahin kaata na, toh aaisi jagah katunga If you don't cut, then I will cut in such a place Joh bistar pe zabaan dete hai Hamara income high ho na ho No matter if our income is high or not Kundan ke pyjame ka naada itna dheela nahi hai The string of Kundan's pyjama is not that lose Log sunenge to kya kahenge If people hear this what will they say It is the most fun when you are doing it for the first dialogues. Pachaas pachaas kos door jab gaon mein Holi hoti hai When there is Holi in a village fifty kilometers from here


dirty hindi dialogues picture naked girl pet boy Admittedly Bollywood is being liked for its dialogues from the 80s movies till now all the dialogues pleases the viewers. But time after time Bollywood believer us with some double meaning content. Bollywood always sends an inspiring message hindi its movies. Furthermore, it never fails to entertain us. To conclude, Bollywood is proliferating itself all over the globe. Undoubtedly those songs and catch dialogues of the movies attract the attention of viewers all dirty the world.
dirty hindi dialogues miley cyrus gets naked Jump to navigation. This is not the first time Akshay Kumar is making an appearance in this list. Here's another one right after this. Did you think Karan Johar was a nice boy? Don't forget he became buddies with Anurag Kashyap.
dirty hindi dialogues naked woman masturbating shower Home Categories Adult Dialogues. Adult Dialogues Page 1 of Pichwade mein itni goli maroonga I will shoot so many bullets in his ass Agar nahin kaata na, toh aaisi jagah katunga
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