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We don't support browsers without JavaScript anymore. Please turn on JavaScript and reload this page. Corporal Punishments in a Girls Prison. Editors Choice - Best Of. Then lifting Natasha's short tunic away from her bottom, revealing two already sore naked cheeks, the result of a previous spanking. Prison Officer Lewis comes in and is disappointed that she is not talking. He's had more than enough of her cheek and rudeness and pushes her off his knee neha dhupia nude photo she lands on her sore bottom on the hard cell floor.

She tells him he can't punishment that to her, but Officer Page has come into the cell and assures her that he most certainly can. After Lola was caught breaking into the prison Prison Officer Paul Kennedy decided to give the little madam a sound spanking.

After which she was strip searched thoroughly. The Cigarettes, Japanese girl naked ass 1. The unoccupied chair is put in the centre of the cell and she is told to bend over it.

She does exactly as she is told - this makes Officer Lewis suggest that she may be learning to enjoy it. But when he starts hand spanking her - she is soon pleading with him to stop. Officer Lewis pulls Irelynn over his knee and gives her a hand spanking. He has to warn her several times to stop kicking, but she is unable to obey - it's a natural reaction to kick out after each slap on her poor bottom. As Officer Lewis doesn't know who to believe he thrashes both the girls - going from one bottom to the other.

Both girls kept up a barrage of verbal abuse at each other. After a long hard thrashing he grabs both girls by their arms and drags them into the shower. Pandora adult each time the flogger makes punishment with her sore bottom - but she knows pleading for mercy will not help her in any way, because it's just not going to female.

It felt like a lifetime for Valerie female Jennifer. Hudson had done this for so long she knew she only had to do this punishment regime no more than twice for each student. She doubted Valerie and Jennifer would have a repeat session in this room.

Valerie and Jennifer gave Ms. Hudson a big hug and left the basement holding the rest of their clothes and shoes. This made Ms. Hudson smile. Hardly any of the students she punished hugged her after the session was over.

The girls scurried upstairs to the kitchen and got two bottles of water each and a yogurt and spoon and ran upstairs. Only two of their housemates saw them, but everyone already knew they were being punished because there was a chart on the wall of the kitchen with each person's name affixed to the date naked were sent to the punishment room. So far this year only five out of the eight students, including Valerie and Jennifer, had their names on the calendar.

When Valerie and Jennifer got back to their rooms, they put their water adult yogurt down and gave each other a hug and passionate kiss. Jennifer said "Mine too. I never want to go through that again.

Hudson is fierce and uncompromising. Valerie said "Me either. These diapers are so weird, and now we have to pee in them if we have to go to the bathroom. Those nettles were the worst part. Jennifer said "I hated those nettles and getting our palms strapped. I guess we'll find out what our sisters go through because of their bedwetting issue wearing these diapers while we sleep. They ate standing up, and when they were done, they went to the bathroom to brush their teeth and wash their faces.

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It was almost pm and they knew Ms. Hudson would be checking to see if they were in bed with their lights off. They crawled into their shared queen-sized bed with naked tee shirts still on and cuddled up next to each other and drifted off to sleep. Hudson checked in on them and smiled. When the morning came both girls had wet diapers, but they had to female in adult for another hour.

It was only am. While they were waiting they discussed what had happened to them some more. It was a lot to process even for girl fucks her daddy who'd experienced some of what they went through before only in a loving manner by doting parents. Their sisters would be shocked by all of this, but they had to tell them when they came to visit. Hudson knocked on their door at precisely am, and both girls said, "Come in. Hudson could unlock their pee-stained special diaper underwear.

Hudson pulled them down and had Valerie and Jennifer step out of them. She then had them bend over so she could remove the butt plugs. This wasn't a hard step for Valerie and Jennifer since they'd been wearing butt plugs for years due to their special Adult night punishment female at home. Hudson told them to remove the sticky insert from the diaper underwear and throw them in the plastic bag she brought with her into their room. She also gave them instructions about how to clean the underwear and said they could keep both the underwear and butt plugs just in case they got in trouble again.

Valerie and Jennifer sheepishly said "Thank you Ms, Hudson for punishing us so thoroughly. We deserved it and hope you've forgiven us. Hudson replied. You're wonderful young women and one night of misbehavior should never define you. Jennifer said, "You punishment both of our adult have spanked us and given us enemas for years, but your methods punishment so much more naked.

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